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We offer commercial loans to help the development of our communities. Our loan terms can be customized to meet different borrowing needs and preferences.


Served by experienced lenders, Loyal Trust Bank offers business loans including:

Fixed-term loans: loans with fixed monthly payments so you can manage your payoff schedules better

Short-term loans: business loans for smaller amounts of money that typically pay back within 18 months or less

Commercial & Industrial (C&I) loans: collateralized loans for working capital or purchase of capital equipment, furniture or fixtures. Your businesses can finance growth and expansion using C&I loans

Small Business Administration (SBA) loans: partially guaranteed by the Small Business Administration to support and encourage the growth and development of small businesses in our communities for Owner Occupied Real Estate, machinery & equipment as well as working capital.

Commercial Real Estate loans: purchase or refinance your owner-occupied commercial properties or investment properties: office, conduit, retail space, hotel, warehouse or manufacturing facility, etc.

Construction loans: finance the costs associated with the construction or renovation of a commercial property

For more product details, qualifications and conditions, please contact:

678-506-5833 Ian Chen (English & Chinese):

678-467-1269 Jun Lee (English & Korean)

678-979-7337 Peter Kim (English & Korean)

510-735-1187 SH Hong (English & Korean)

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