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Our residential loans are designed to meet the diverse needs from our multicultural communities. We offer assistance in multiple languages (English, Chinese and Korean).


Loyal Trust Bank understands customers from different cultural backgrounds, and be proud to offer products designed to meet their needs and expectations.

Home Loans for Business Owners: because small businesses have customized needs, Loyal Trust Bank specializes in understanding how to approve and fund home loans for this niche market.

Conventional mortgages: conforming mortgages good for customers with strong credit and stable income.

Jumbo mortgages: conventional mortgages whose home prices exceed federal loan limits.

Fixed-rate mortgages: keep the same interest rate over the life of mortgage with constant monthly mortgage payments.

Adjustable-rate mortgages: starts with a low fixed interest rate for a few years, then the loan resets to a variable interest rate for the remainder of the term.

Cash-out loans: replaces your existing mortgage with a new home loan and convert home equity into cash.

Mortgage refinancing: replaces a mortgage with a new mortgage for lower interest rate.

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